Jim Gibson - Publishing Partner, Online Media Today
By Jim Gibson - Publishing Partner, Online Media Today

Online Media Today’s next installment of our regular Top 10 List leads off with the best social media blogs we’ve discovered (and follow).  Our list is in no particular order but we think you’ll agree the following blogs offer tremendous insight into the world of social media marketing.  The folks who have made our Top 10 list of social media blogs have not compensated Online Media Today in any way – this is just a list of the blogs we feel offer great value to the reader. 

NOTE: Although many of these blogs include a wide variety of general online marketing information, they were selected on the basis of social media expertise only.  Future Lists may include some of these blogs as they also cover a wide spectrum of online marketing education.

We’ve also added our own little summary for each.. to those of you who made our list, apologies if we didn’t describe your blog as you’d like the world to know it.. but please let us know and we’ll consider updating our brief summary.

We’d love to hear what you think!  If you have your own favorites (and we’re sure you do), we’d like to know about them.  Please take a moment to share your favs with us and we’ll continue to update this list as we go along.

  1.     Mashable: Touting one of the largest online followings, Mashable presents the latest news and information on internet marketing and a slew of other techno tips and tidbits.  Founder, Pete Cashmore, was selected as a Top 25 Forbes Web Celeb in 2007 (and missed his calling as a “GQ supermodel”) [editor comment] 

2.     Chris Brogan: New Marketing Labs President and community and social media veteran, Chris Brogan delivers a no nonsense approach to getting the most out of social media campaigns.  The engaging blog is an easy read and presents topics with authority and simple advice to help businesses navigate the challenging waters of new media engagement.

3.     Lee Odden: Although one of the best social media specific sites, Lee Odden and his team of experts present a wide variety of online marketing topics in this highly acclaimed blog.

4.     Social Media Today: A top 20 finalist of the Ad Age Power 150 and a regular speaker at a slew of national events, Jason Falls is not only one of the more in-demand social media experts, but is also a top online marketing expert.  His blog covers from top to bottom, the whole range of marketing topics and is our choice for Top 10 Social Media Blogs.

5.     Social Media Examiner: FUN, EASY AND INFORMATIVE!  This is what Executive Editor, Michael Stelzner has created in his super interactive online media blog.  Social Media Examiner gets our vote as #1 in design and just plain fun! (by the way, they have their own top 10 social media blogs so we hope to compare notes).

6. Kikolani: Let’s hear it for “citizen social mediaists” (our term).  Kikolani is a regular gal who just loves to blog.  And blog she does!  Her heartfelt blog gives you the feeling that there is nothing “behind the velvet curtain” and leaves you feeling fresh as a daisy (and educated!).  Kudos to Kiko!

7.     Smart Blogs: This “Mashable-like” blog presents social media on steroids and gives readers a wide range of easy to find topics to help bring clarity in new media engagement.  A must read blog for novice to advanced social media enthusiasts!

8.     We Are Social: You want social media statistics?  You got social media statistics!  We Are Social is a great resource if you need to convince your boss that there’s a new customer waiting on Twitter or FaceBook.  Sharpen your pencil for this one. 

9.     Brian Solis: A self proclaimed new media futurist and renowned thought leader, Brian Solis’ blog delves into the deep psyche of the social media phenomena and delivers thought provoking analysis for business owners who desire a deeper involvement in new marketing strategies.

10.     Techipedia:  Tamar’s blog makes the list because, in the age of lighting fast content consumption, we love the fact that each blog post includes a summary of word count, images and average read time.  We wish every blog included this information!

That’s it for now.  Check back for our next installment of “The List”.  We plan to List our Top 10 Social Media Books.

About the Author:

Jim Gibson is a certified search engine marketing professional and serial entrepreneur.  In addition to Online Media Today, Jim is a principal at GibSEM Group (http://www.gibsem.com) and has founded several internet properties including online B2C directory, Service Omni, Inc. (http://www.serviceomni.com) and QuakeDog, Inc. (www.quakedog.com), a network marketing company focused on the sale of personal survival gear.  You can reach Jim at: jgibson@gibsem.com or follow him @GibSEM.
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8/9/2012 09:21:14 pm

Thanks for your tips. This will definitely help those who are thinking to start social marketing.

8/15/2017 06:26:06 am

One of the reasons why they have a very huge following is because they produce contents that are worth following. Honestly, I am a big fan of Mashable and Kikolai because both of them produce good-read posts. There's no reason for a reader not to like their posts because each and every post they create happens in real lie. Many people can relate to their posts!


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