Michael Gier - Publishing Partner, Online Media Today
By Michael Gier - Publishing Partner, Online Media Today, and Owner of Silver Dove Productions, LLC.

People are starting to understand the power of video and it’s becoming a popular way to get your message out to the world.  Best yet, video increases conversion rates dramatically which in turn brings in more profits.

If you’re using video, as you should be, to market yourself or your business online then you want to get it on to as many video sharing sites as possible, however that can be very time consuming.

The good news?  There’s now a solution.  Instead of loading your video up to each of the video sharing sites you now have the option of using TubeMogul.

TubeMogul is a free service that provides you single point automated video uploads to the top video sharing sites; saving you lots of time. 

The first time you go to their website you’ll give them all of the account information for each of the different video sharing sites that you belong to.  Then the next time you want to upload a video, you’d go to Tube Mogul, check a box next to the video sharing sites you want your video to appear on, click launch, and then TubeMogul delivers your video’s to all of those sites automatically. 

Not only does it make uploading your video’s to multiple sites easy but it also gives you the opportunity to gain new viewers by being on sites you wouldn’t normally be on.

Once the video is seen on the different video sharing sites, TubeMogul gives you powerful analytics and charts to track your video consumption across the internet showing you the who, what, and how your videos are being viewed. 

It doesn’t get any better than this, it’s fantastic!  If you’re not using video yet then you need to start because you’re missing a very important marketing strategy, and using a site like TubeMogul only makes it easier to get your message out to the masses.
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2/22/2010 06:20:14 am

I just attended an evening program whereby Silver Dove Productions LLC presented the benefits of utilizing video in your website marketing strategy. I walked away convinced it is a must. Great program!

Timothy O. McLaughlin
Alpha Golf

7/16/2017 04:30:43 pm

In the modern age, video or any other way of capturing a certain moment is important for it can play hundreds of roles in our society. Gone are days where photographs are meant for happy moments. Nowadays photography and video could also mean saving lives and spreading awareness to people. Everything is becoming more powerful nowadays.


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