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By Pauline Monot – Content Manager, Online Media Today

 As I outlined in my last blog post “An Introduction on the Use of Hashtags on Twitter”, hashtags are becoming more and more popular on Twitter.  Indeed, they prove to be powerful tools to keep abreast of what is being said in particular communities and also to extend your reach on Twitter.  Any business owner, even those with limited online visibility, can leverage hashtags to improve communications with followers and even help to promote their brand.  

Yet, success ultimately hinges on choosing the most appropriate hashtags.  When it comes to monitoring online communications, a good hashtag enables you to lock into what is being said and ride the coat-tails of current trends within your community.  As for your own tweets, choosing the right hashtag allows you to quickly grab your audience’s attention and gives people the ability to easily follow popular topics.

Fortunately you don’t have to look far for great hashtag resources.  The easiest way to find some of the trendiest hashtags is by looking at your main Twitter dashboard (in the panel along the right side of your main Twitter page).  The hashtag resources listed below can help you find some of the hottest tweet trends on Twitter.  NOTE: these sites are constantly updated as new trends are identified so make sure to check often for new hashtag ideas.

The following sites offer some of the most prominent tools that can help you in your quest to find the best hashtags.
Twitter Hashtags
Twitter Search
Twitter Search

A basic tool that helps you track some of the most prominent hashtags is Twitter search.  If your need is confined to finding the most current and most trendy hashtags as well as to read relevant Tweets, then this site should work for you.  If your expectations are higher, than you will have to use some Twitter third-party tools. 


#Hashtags is best at helping you to monitor the frequency of a particular hashtag you are studying.  Also #hashtags shows you the trendiest hashtags (less than 10) of the moment, but you might be better off trusting some of the other tools listed below for that particular aim.  

Wthhastag proves to be the Wikipedia of the hashtags.  It provides a lot of information about a hashtag (meaning, date of the 1st use, context, etc…).  It also shows you a short list of the trendiest hashtags based on the time period you are interested in (last 2 hours? 7 days?), as well as some of the most recent ones.

What The Trend
What The Trend

What the Trend? is a handy and eye-candy appealing hashtags directory.  You can adopt it as a way of finding of the trendiest hashtags relying on the desired period (currently trendy, the day trendiest, the week trendiest), and understanding why a particular hashtag is popular.  It also provides you a list of suspected spam hashtags.


Two great things about Twubs is that it not only helps with hashtag research by category you are interested in, but it also makes available pictures corresponding to the hashtags.  A negative is that it doesn’t provide any monitoring features.


This tool is a user-generated dictionary for hashtags.  While typing a hashtag in the search panel, Tagalus suggests some hashtags including the set of letters you’ve written.  If your spelling can’t be found in the database, it often recommends some “did-you-mean” hashtags.


Not only supplying defined tags generated by users, Tagdef also shows you unusual lists of hashtags (the current trendiest, but also the popular, the new ones as well as tags at random).

How about you?  How do you use these tools?  Are there other hashtag tools you would like to recommend? Which one do you prefer to use when tracking hashtags trends?  I’d love to hear what you think!

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Such a wonderful news for twitter users. Thank you very much for your help.

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I am not really into Twitter. I see it as a very stressful environment and I would rather protect myself by not engaging into different social media websites where I'll be judge by other people. I should rather not divulge any information or update with what I do because they wouldn't care in the first place. But your tips are really helpful. I've learned a lot from it! Hoping to learn more social media ideas from you!


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