Marketing Your Video Online
Michael Gier - Publishing Partner, Online Media Today
By Michael Gier - Publishing Partner, Online Media Today, and Owner of Silver Dove Productions, LLC.

Since the dawn of electronic media, businesses have used video to connect with audiences in unique and meaningful ways.  Video has dominated the traditional advertising landscape for decades yet is only just now beginning to transform consumer engagement online.

Just look around.  We're all starting to see more of an emphasis in corporate use of online video for marketing, branding and sales.  Why has online video taken hold so quickly?  The simple fact is it works!

Over the last 10 years, most companies could only afford to use text and photos, either on their website or in emails, to describe their company, service, or product. 

In more recent years, however, things have changed and a fundamental shift is taking place right before our very eyes.  The metamorphosis from text/photos based websites to video infused multi-media websites has taken hold and is delivering a more dynamic way for companies to tell their story.  By adding video, website owners can now express themselves better and explain their message more clearly and, in the process, reduce confusion while increasing conversion rates!

So why aren't more companies using video?  Clearly, there are many reasons but among the most common is a concern that incorporating online video is expensive and offers little return.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  Although now-a-days video is quite affordable, in this economy, some businesses just don't think it's important enough to spend the money.

But the fact remains that video tremendously increases conversion rates.  So the real question business owners need to ask themselves isn't how much video costs, but how much income are they loosing by not using video.

In the age of lightning fast web-based communications, it's even more critical now to be ahead of the game and in front of your competition.  If a business waits until everyone else is using video then it's too late.  Now is the time to employ video while it is still somewhat new so that you can stand out from your competitors.

Here are 5 tips to consider when creating a video for your company:

1. Quality is a must.  Always make sure your videos are shot in HD.  You must have a high quality video on your website because potential customers will judge you based on the video that represents your company, products and services.  

2. This goes for the on-camera spokes person as well.  You can do it yourself if you’re comfortable in front of the camera but it’s usually best to hire a professional; someone that will represent you well. 

3. Another thing to consider is having the video spokesperson be the same age as your target market.  If your market it the corporate world then you may want an older more experienced spokesperson.  If you’re market is surfers then you’d want a young, hip surfer-type.

4. Keep the length of your videos short.  If it’s a simple introduction video on your home page then it should be no more than 45 seconds.  Other videos should be no longer than 2 minutes max.

5. You should always include a call to action in your videos.  Whether you want them to complete a form, click through to another page, pick up the phone, or buy a product, make sure you tell them what you want them to do after watching your video.

In short, video doesn't have to cost your company an arm and a leg.  There are a variety of low cost video options available; it's just a matter of doing your homework.  So, don't let your competition get the edge on you by using video to engage your customers.  Make 2010 the year your company breaks out from the pack through the use of dynamic video. 
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Nowadays, internet has been the home of different forms on advertisement. That's why the competition is so tough, and your advertisement needs to stand out. Aside from the quality, focus on your concept. It should be as catchy as possible. It should have a recall to the possible buyers. By the way, these tips are really helpful. These are worth following!


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